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Hi boys and girls. 

I wanted to start off with I LOVE YOUR CASINO.

However, I have an idea that might make an improvement to the app. 

So I noticed that every 6 hours I look out to kiss coco, and as we are all waiting tons of people are logging in and asking "coco gone?" "coco here?" "coco come yet?" 

Most people are kind and answer honestly, sometimes people get ignored until the next person logs in and asks and then, not very often but sometimes someone wants to be a mean person and lie and say "nope, sorry". 

As I see it there should be some kind of sign, or meter, or indicator showing if coco has been here this round. 

I thought about taking a poll but that would take away from the coins that I am losing to coco today, and that's even after he never showed up on my screen today.

Hey, whats up with that anyway???

Sometimes even if I join the chat room half an hour before :00 I can count on him most times but 2 or 3 times this week alone he never showed up. Its cool if he was taking nap. I love my naps too. 

Hey I just thought of another indicator maybe on our home screen it can show how many time I've hit coco this week. I know it's in the task section but we are all still learning the new layout or baked out of my mind and forget to look. (I know that's not lady-like but oh well.)

Ok, so that's all I needed to say. I'm gonna go see more reds today so I'll hopeful;l;y be seeing coco in a few hours. Sucks you're not spider coco anymore, I thought you looked handsome in your little costume.

Keep up the great work. Enjoy the rest of your day

-Coin Girl

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