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RED L ?? here is how to fight with them


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hello this topic is not for crash expert😁

i created this because many players got mad by red L on crash. what is RED L?  thats where so many Red on crash and its create L pattern on trends tab.

how to fight with this kind of red? u have 3 options :

1. STOP BETTING -  stop betting untill trend goes normal

2. KEEP BETTING - keep betting but u should cashout under 2x. ex: 1.3x | 1,5x | 1,7x

3. KEEP BETTING, COMBINE CLASSIC WITH TRENDBALL  -  Do u know u can bet on classic and trend ball on same time?? yeah.. coco already give this cool feature why dont u use it??

for this one, u can bet on classic while bet on RED with same or half bet amount to avoid BUSTED by RED. if u feel trend will go green, bet half amount of classic bet on trend ball, but if u still feel trend will going red, u bet same amount between classic and trendball. u can also bet on Moon if u feel trend will go to the moon. u can also get high amount of wager if u use this tips so u can upgrade your level faster while still making some money.. 


that's all for now.. if u guys have more option to fight RED L just comments below 😁


Get RICH or DIE Trying

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19 minutes ago, FSCATQTGroup said:

Thank 😘

u're wlcome.. goodluck

Get RICH or DIE Trying

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