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Can someone guide me?
I want this script
In case of losing the bet number from 1 to 1.5
In case of losing again, it should increase from 1.5 to 2. In case of subsequent losses, it should continue (2 to 2.5 and...)
And in case of winning, 2.5 to 2 should be reduced as well (2.5 to 2, etc.)
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  • YAZDIRAN changed the title to Help scripts

you want this script for where?  Generically i would make this with like the parameters


then do something like

var currentBet = startingBet


     if(myBets[0].profitAmount > 0)
                currentBet -= interval;
               // This is making sure your bet will never go below the starting value you passed in.
                if(currentBet < startingBet)
                      current = startingBet;
             currentBet += interval;

             // making sure we don't go past our cap and end up betting 200 a bet or something.
             if(currentBet > maxBet)
                currentBet = maxBet;

This is just psuedo code to give you an idea of the logic.  It won't run as is and is not intended to be a working script so please do not message saying it doesn't work.  I am telling you right now it won't work and was never intended to run.

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