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Huge problem with in-play sportsbook bets

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When you place a bet on an in-play event, there is of course the 5 second or so period where the bet is 'pending'.

What should happen is if the odds change in any way during this period, then the bet should be rejected. (assuming you haven't chosen to accept all odd changes)

What currently is happening is that the bet is only rejected if the odds have gone down. The bet is still placed even if odds have gone up. This is a common occurrence for games such as tennis, where a point does not suspend the market.

I've already been screwed over  by this multiple times.

This is actually illegal and would be in violation of any gambling license.


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Yes, the problem is that when you set it to accept the change in odds, it often doesn't accept the bet.
And with live betting I often have it 4-5 times in a row and then the goal falls and everything for nothing.

As a rule, if you change the odds below, he should accept the bet

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